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Cat C.

“Life sayelpvers!  I first contacted Bayonne Family Dental, December of 2013 – week of Christmas.  I had just moved to Bayonne and my filling fell out and I was in horrible pain!  I decided to reach out to BFD- due to a great review I read.  On a late Sunday night, I went to their website and decided to send a note through their message/contact board.  Within 15 minutes I received a response from Dr. Pete Fuentes.  I was shocked!  He said to come in first thing in the morning and he would take me immediately- which he did.  I was greeted with a warm welcome from the reception desk and immediately taken for x-rays.  It turns out I needed a root canal- they were able to treat me ASAP, and I was able to enjoy Christmas dinner.  Also- on Christmas Eve, day after my procedure, I received a follow up email from Dr. Pete- which was so nice!  (Not to mention, his wife had a baby the same day, and I’m sure he was completely busy with his new baby, he still followed up!  Beyond amazing!)

Then, just today, the BFD saved me again!  I had been ignoring a chipped molar for a couple of weeks, and it finally caught up to me!  I was is the WORST pain ever!  But unfortunately I had an important event for work in Brooklyn, NY- so I bought Orajel and hoped it would hold it off.  However the pain got worse!  I reached out through the email/message contact on their website, and within 20 mins, boom, Dr. Pete reached out and and told me to come in as soon as I could.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get their until 5:40pm, I was so scared they couldn’t take me- but the office stayed late just help me!  I met with Dr. Pavone, he saw how much pain I was in, and immediately gave me some Novocain, before we did the ex rays, etc…  Instant relief, I almost cried, I was so relieved!  Then they did the work, another root canal (I finally learned NOT ignore a tooth problem).  I am so grateful to the entire staff for being so accommodating  and staying late on a Friday!

The service is beyond amazing!  I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone!  I know it seems like I’ve gone overboard with praising them, but I’m so relieved to be pain free- all thanks to the BFD crew!”

Souzan H.

Bayonne Family Dental is a phenomenal dental office!  I drove all the way from Fort Lee, NJ to visit this practice because I was assured of the great work that happens here by another dentist.  I arrived in excruciating pain from an implant and left feeling rejuvenated with no pain.  Dr. Fuentes removed my implant with finesse and took the time to explain everything from the issue at hand, why it happened, and recommended preventative methods to secure great oral health.  He is a down to earth guy and a great dentist that is worth getting to for any dental issues no matter where you live.  His staff and assistants were all so nice as well which just added to the pleasurable experience.
Thank you Dr. Fuentes and the entire Bayonne Family Dental staff!!!

Jason M.

“I’ve been back to BFD several times since my inital visit back in Novemeber & each time is amazing!  Any time I need to reach out to them I just e-mail Dr. Pete & he always responds right away!  This personal touch is awesome!

I’ve told my co-workers and friends about them & would recommend thtem to anyone who needs a dentist!”

Tina V.

I would highly recommend bayonne family dental. The staff was great and the dentist was amazing and the dental hygienist who cleaned my teeth was great. The dentist removed my wisdom teeth in 5 minutes and gave me pain medication and I didn’t even need it. Now he will my family dentist.  Thank you Bayonne family dental.

Masum A.

Dr Halum was amazing with my daugher. She had 2 fillings done with laughing gas and was so nervous when it started. By the time it was over, my daughter asked me when it was going to start, lol! Thank you guys so much. There was a small wait on my first visit, but once you see how much these guys do, you understand why it’s worth the wait! A++

Adele P.


Dr. Fuentes came in early to accommodate my work schedule. My root canal was painless, the office is clean and contemporary, and all equipment is modern. It’s a far cry from my last dental experience!

My crown was ready earlier than promised and it’s in. You can’t even tell it’s not my real tooth it matches so well. Very happy!”